Business insurance 

This type of product provides a packaged policy solution which allows a business to design cover based on your individual business needs and specific operational risk requirements. 

Whilst business pack policies can vary between different insurers, a summary of the typical sections which are incorporated under this product type, are summarised below:

  • Material Loss or Damage – Covers the physical loss or damage to your business assets (e.g. building, contents and stock), at your premises from certain sudden, unexpected or unforeseen occurrences (perils e.g. fire, storm damage).  Noting, flood cover is typically excluded from standard products.  

  • Business Interruption – Covers loss of income to your business as a result of material damage to your property and can assist with additional increase costs of working.

  • Glass – Cover for the costs or replacing internal or external glass that is accidentally damaged or broken (e.g. windows; including advertising signs).  

  • Burglary – Covers loss of your contents and stock due to theft from forcible and violent entry to your premises. 

  • Money – Covers your business’s money whilst on your premises and in transit.

  • Broadform Liability – Public liability protects your business against the legal costs in where a third party (e.g. customer, member of the public) sustains property damage and or personal injury as a result of your business operations and negligence.  Product liability protects your business if you sell, supply or deliver goods in where the product causes injury, death or damage.

  • Machinery Breakdown – Covers mechanical breakdown of machinery equipment at your premises (e.g. air-conditioning unit, refrigeration equipment). 

  • Computer Electronic Equipment –  Covers breakdown of electronic equipment at your premises (e.g. photocopiers, computers, POS).  

  • General Property (Special Risks) – Covers loss or damage to portable property (e.g. laptops).

  • Employee Dishonesty – Loss of money or contents caused by theft, fraud or dishonesty by your employees.

  • Tax Audit – Covers accountants fees in connection with an audit of your business conducted by the Australian Taxation Office. 

  • Transit – Covers the loss or damage to goods and stock that your business buys, sells or uses whilst they are in transit, in a vehicle owned or operated by you.

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